[Internet Society Blogs] 12 Innovative Projects Selected for Beyond the Net Funding

Beyond the Net Funding Programme is pleased to announce the results of our June 2017 grant application cycle. A total of 102 applications were received and, after a thorough review process, 12 projects were selected.

The new grantees are a group of talented, diverse, and devoted people committed to work on critical issues in their home region using the Internet to bring innovation and empower their communities all across the globe.

Ilda Simao


[Internet Society Blogs] Strategic Vision and Local Stakeholders Needed to Keep Tajikistan IXP on Track

Today, we released an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Environment Assessment for Tajikistan . This report was carried out in the framework of Internet Society’s partnership agreement with GÉANT  with a view to support regional Internet development in Central Asia.

Ms. Maarit Palovirta


[Internet Society Blogs] “The Internet is Home” – Youth voices on why we should keep the Internet on

Last year alone, the international digital rights advocacy organization Access Now recorded 56 Internet shutdowns worldwide. There’s concern about this growing trend and worry that governments are blocking social media and communications tools, in particular.

Many private sector and civil society organizations have condemned the shutdowns, and there have been dialogues and campaigns held around the world to try and prevent this growing trend. But while most of these dialogues are filled with decision-makers, legislators, and civil society organizations, young voices have been left out.

Evelyn Namara


[Internet Society Blogs] 2017 Online Trust Audit Released – What Did We Learn?

Today the OTA released the 9th annual Online Trust Audit  and Honor Roll. This year’s Audit is our most comprehensive ever, assessing more than 1000 consumer-facing sites for their adoption of best practices in consumer/brand protection, site security and responsible privacy practices. Each year the audit raises the bar, using criteria that reflect the latest regulatory environment, attack vectors and commonly accepted practices providing users with notice and control regarding their data. The goal is to provide practical advice to organizations to help them move beyond compliance to stewardship, thus protecting their customers and their brand while improving trust in the Internet itself.

Jeff Wilbur


[Internet Society Blogs] Building Our New Website: Seeking a Multilingual Editor to help us speak more globally

Our current website is a multilingual embarrassment.

Have you looked at our French home page lately? Or Spanish ? Or Russian ? Chinese ? Arabic ?

You probably haven’t, according to our website statistics, and for a good reason: those home pages have not changed much in 2 years!

Dan York


[Internet Society Blogs] For Me the Internet Is Everything: Supporting Local Heroes in Armenia

Andranik, Sipan, Rudolf and Vahan have several things in common: they are young, they have dreams, they love music, and they love the Internet. The four of them are visual impaired.

They met through the Internet Availability Center at the Cultural House of the Armenian Society of Blinds (ASB).

I had the chance to visit the Center last year and Rudolf told me: “For me the Internet is everything. I cannot imagine what my life, my studies would be without it.”

Ilda Simao