[Internet Society Blogs] Rough Guide to IETF 98: Internet Infrastructure Resilience

Let’s look at what’s happening in the area of Internet infrastructure resilience in the IETF and at the upcoming IETF 98 meeting. My focus here is primarily on the routing and forwarding planes and specifically routing security and unwanted traffic of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) attacks. There is interesting and important work underway at the IETF that can help address problems in both areas.

Andrei Robachevsky


[Internet Society Blogs] Rough Guide to IETF 98: Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a buzzword around the Internet industry and the broader technology and innovation business. We are often asked what the IETF is doing in relation to IoT and in this short post I’d like to highlight some of the relevant sessions scheduled during the upcoming IETF 98 meeting in Chicago next week. Check out the IETF Journal IoT Category for more details about many of these topics.

Mat Ford


[Internet Society Blogs] IETF Journal Volume 12, Issue 3 Now Online

The latest issue of the IETF Journal (Volume 12, Issue 3) is now available online: https://www.ietfjournal.org/journal-issues/march-2017/

Our cover article is a manifesto of why Internet-enabled businesses should care about the open standards and open source communities . We present the first two of a series of interviews with IETF leadership, in this case outgoing IETF chair Jari Arkko and his successor Alissa Cooper .

Megan Kruse


[Internet Society Blogs] Rough Guide to IETF 98 — In The Loop: IETF Heads to Chicago

It’s almost here! Pack your bags (or start your remote participation browser) and get ready for IETF 98 ! Starting on Sunday, 26 March, the Internet Engineering Task Force will be in Chicago, Illinois, where about 1000 engineers will spend a week discussing the latest issues in open standards and protocols. As usual, the agenda is packed , and the Internet Society is providing a ‘Rough Guide’ to the IETF via a series of blog posts on topics of mutual interest:

Mr. Olaf Kolkman


[Internet Society Blogs] How the IETF community is shaping technology to build a better society

The continued advancement in technological landscape enabling more people having Internet access in the global arena has meant that IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) remains at the forefront of integrating technology with humanity. In fact, IETF has made significant use of social dimension to articulate its area of work and research. It is beautifully reflected in section 4.1 of the RFC 3935 wherein it states that “We want the Internet to be useful for communities that share our commitment to openness and fairness.  We embrace technical concepts such as decentralized control, edge-user empowerment and sharing of resources, because those concepts resonate with the core values of the IETF community”.

Anupam Agrawal


[Internet Society Blogs] Community Forum Launches the Search for 25 Under 25

Today, the Internet Society hosted a special Community Forum, “Youth on the Internet.” Hundreds of participants from across 6 continents joined the conversation to share their views on what the Internet means to them.

A special thanks to our Next Generation Leaders who were panellists – Evelyn Namara (Uganda), Veronica Arroyo (Peru), Yuza Setiawan (Indonesia) for a vibrant discussion on topics such as how young people can address privacy and security concerns, and how the Internet can help close the gender gap.

Toral Cowieson


[Internet Society Blogs] Applied Networking Research Workshop – Paper Submission Deadline: 3 April

We’re excited to share news of the second Applied Networking Research Workshop (ANRW2017) , which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on July 15. This one-day workshop will be co-sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) , the Internet Society and the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) . The Call for Papers is open now , with a deadline of 3 April.

Mat Ford